Pressure Washing, Window Cleaning,Gutter Cleaning In Burnaby B.C.

67We have done pressure washing on  hundreds of patios and the pressure washing of  many houses in Burnaby throughout the past 26 years. Many of the customers, like the house featured in the picture have pressure washing  done each and every year.

These customers have written very good reviews regarding our work and have, through word of mouth, gotten us many other pressure washing and window cleaning customers.   

Sometimes while we are pressure washing a customers house a neighbor asks us to clean their house also. This happens very often and is partly responsible for the expansion of our business to the point it is at today.;

To show our appreciation of our customers, we have had very little increases in prices and handle inflation by charging more to new customers according to the rate of inflation. 

We can do pressure washing on your walks, driveway, patios or even your whole house. We can wash a vinyl house or a stucco house but in both cases your home is cleaned to perfection.

We have washed quite a few houses in areas of Greater Vancouver many are washed every two years.. Many of our customers get us to do window cleanig, gutter cleaning and pressure washing on their business after seeing our work on their homes.